Jaden J

“Regen’s Calf Trainer provides easily one of he most effective calf exercises that I’ve ever done. I’ve been at it for a while and I think for most of us, leg day can be a grind and it can be super difficult to target your calves, but with this calf trainer, it makes it a whole lot easier. It has a very smooth concentric to eccentric motion which makes it great not only for getting a great stretch on the calves, but then for also getting a great squeeze at the top of the motion. I’ve tried everything to try to target my calves. I’ve tried all of the gym equipment, I’ve tried smith machine, leg press machine, seated calf raise machine, body weight, but I can never just quite seem to get the same squeeze and contraction that I can get with Regen’s calf trainer. It also has great stretching and mobility applications. You can sit, and with the right band application, you can get a great calf stretch literally from just sitting on the couch which is one of the best parts about it. All in all it’s a great tool, it’ll fire your calves up, you’ll get a great workout, it’ll enhance your mobility, and it will provide positive effects on all of your other lower body exercises “

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