Reinvent yourself your way
Reinvent yourself your way

The Regen Calf Trainer

Calf Training Simplified

Unlock Your Strength

Resistance Training & Stretching

Introducing the Regen Calf Trainer. This device is the first of its kind, designed to simplify calf training and unlock the full potential of your lower leg strength and performance. Created by Regen Training Ltd, the Regen Calf Trainer was designed to make training your calves the most convenient it’s ever been, delivering a multitude of advantages for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals undergoing rehabilitation.

Proudly made in Canada, the Regen Calf Trainer provides an easy way to develop your calves, increase ankle mobility, and expedite recovery from a wide range of lower leg injuries. Volume is the key to training your calves effectively, and our product allows you to fulfil that need from the comfort of your own couch.

Strengthen & Grow Your
Calf Muscles

  • Can be used in a seated or standing position
  • Grow and strengthen your calf muscles
  • Gain better range of motion in your ankles
  • Fix muscle imbalances from surgery or injury
Recover & RehabilitatE Achilles tendons
  • Can be used with Achilles tendinopathy
  • Regain range of motion
  • Lengthen the tendon
  • Strengthen the tendon


building size & rehabilitation

Getting Started

Whether you want to develop your calves, recover from an injury to the lower leg, or simply improve the range of motion in your ankle, the Regen Calf Trainer is just the tool you’ve been searching for.
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Training Tutorial

The training tutorial video provides clear and comprehensive guidance on utilizing the calf trainer device, ensuring you master its usage for optimal results. Unlock the full potential of the calf trainer as the video walks you through step-by-step instructions on proper techniques.
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Stretching Tutorial

Experience a new level of ease in calf stretching with the Regen Calf Trainer. Discover how this innovative device can revolutionize your calf-stretching routine, making it simpler and more effective than ever before.
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Product Range

Regen Training

Regen Calf Trainer Bundle
Regen Bundle

Includes both the calf trainer and complete band set. Everything you need to get started!

calf trainer
Calf Trainer

Used for developing your calf muscles and rehabilitation of the Achilles tendon.

elastic bands
elastic bands

Available in 5 different colours and strengths to suit your individual needs.

Why Use Our Calf Trainer?

The Benefits of Healthy Calves

Experience a profound sense of comfort and relief in your feet, calves, and hamstrings with just one use of the Regen Calf Trainer.
Tension will melt away with each use, leading to transformative improvements in your overall health and well-being.

Increase calf size

Decreased chance of injuries

Reduce future healthcare costs

Increased blood circulation

Increased range of motion

Increased ankle mobility

Recover from plantar fasciitis

Recover from achilles tendonitis

Recover from shin splints


Incorporate into your fitness routine by using it in the comfort of your own home. No need for bulky equipment or dedicated gym space.

MAde For Everyone
Not Just Athletes

The Regen Calf Trainer is a device designed for every day use by people who are on their feet at work, wear heels, grapple with weight management, endure calf cramps, or experience pain in their foot, heel, knee, or back.


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