Calf Trainer


CDN $79.99+ GST

This patented device locks your heel in place, to turn your leg into a giant lever so you can quickly and easily train and stretch your calves daily, with complete control and measurable results

Product Description

Calf Trainer is a fantastic way to keep your lower leg as flexible as possible. Its portable design makes it ideal for use during warm-ups before exercise and cool-downs after exercise.

Muscle Improvement Using the Fit Stretch helps to increase the flexibility of your ankle, shin and calf, making you nimbler and improving the effectiveness of your exercise regime. This also helps to reduce the risk of developing injuries to your lower leg, helping you to concentrate on your fitness.

For dynamic stretching of the lower leg, turn to the Fit Stretch. Ideal for gently working the ankle, Achilles’ tendon, or calf muscle, especially after injury. Available in blue only.

Key Features

  • Built to Last The design of the Fit Stretch has been made to be as versatile as possible.
  • Its small design means it can be tossed into a gym bag easily, making it perfect for taking out and about for warm-ups and cool-downs.
  • It’s durable, molded plastic construction ensures that the Fit Stretch will continue to last for as long as you need it, and the included non-skid footpad ensures that it stays stable and secure under you.
  • Stopper on the back keeps foot from slipping off Improves flexibility and range of motion in the ankle
  • Small size allows for easy transportation and storage Allows for dynamic stretching, reducing the risk of injuries


  • Push your toe towards the floor as far as you can and then hold it there for a second, you should feel a good squeeze in your calf.
  • Slowly lower your heel to the floor until your calf is fully lengthened.
  • Repeat this process until you begin to lose full range of motion. If you find you are doing too many repetitions, simply switch to a different band or add another one.
  • Complete a minimum of 3 sets, I recommend doing at least 4 sets per leg.
  • Switch to the other foot and repeat.